Arts & design | Finding Something New To Photograph in the Everyday

Finding Something New To Photograph in the Everyday


Arts & design | Finding Something New To Photograph in the Everyday


Ernst Haas said: “I am not interested in shooting new things. I am interested to see things new.”

We pass by the familiar daily We become complacent and think that it’s not worth taking a photo of, but to find the new in the same old things takes work.

We get so caught up in trying to create the next big thing, but it’s all been done before. We just need to see things in a different “light.” Creativity comes from looking for something different in the everyday, not shooting what has already been shot. Most of us are guilty of seeing an incredible photo on Instagram and wanting to recreate it. Sometimes, we seek it out and shoot it, but what makes ours different from all the other recreations? It becomes exhausting to chase the next Instagram trend, so why not find something new in the everyday? 

Capturing a photo of something that we see daily and having the viewer stop to look and enjoy the photo is invigorating and much more challenging than trying to recreate something already shot.

When I feel uninspired, I like to take my camera and go to a part of town that I haven’t been to in a while or maybe don’t know at all and get inspired by my surroundings, photographing things I see all the time, but at a different angle or slightly off composition to spark some creativity. I recommend this to anyone looking to break out of a rut. Who knows, maybe your shot of the mundane will be one of your greatest pieces of all.

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