Business News | McDonald’s customers slam franchise, fume it’s ‘no longer affordable’

McDonald's customers slam franchise, fume it's 'no longer affordable'


World News | McDonald’s customers slam franchise, fume it’s ‘no longer affordable’


It was a not-so-happy meal.

An enraged McDonald’s customer says the fast food franchise is no longer affordable for ordinary Americans, calling the company’s contemporary prices “crazy.”

“So, I get there’s a labor shortage, I get there’s wage increases and a number of other things,” Idaho man Christopher Olive began in a viral TikTok clip, which has recently resurfaced.

“But $16? $16 for a burger, a large fry and a drink? It’s just crazy!” the flabbergasted content creator complained, panning to his itemized receipt from a McDonald’s restaurant in the city of Post Falls.

The video was original posted on social media last December, but has now gone viral again after McDonald’s recently reported an increase in revenue directly influenced by a “strategic” hike in menu prices.

In the comments section of of Olive’s, viewers voiced their frustration with the price of the fast food.

“It’s officially not convenient or affordable anymore,” one moaned.

“Companies know they can get these prices now so they’ll never go back,” a second commiserated, saying the glory days of cheap fast food were over.

The Golden Arches are charging premium prices for menu items, much to the dismay of loyal patrons.

However, others left comments in defense of McDonald’s, telling Olive he ordered a premium burger and could have secured a different meal for a lower price.

“Bro ordered the most expensive meal they have and acted surprised,” one defender declared.

A furious TikTok couldn’t believe the price of his McDonald’s meal comprised of a soda, burger and large fry.
NurPhoto via Getty Images

“You sound like those boomers that complained about 5 dollar popcorn,” another sniped.

However, Olive isn’t the only one to go viral about the cost of McDonald’s meals.

In March, a Connecticut content creator voiced his outrage for the $16.89 Big Mac combo meal at the fast food joint in a viral clip.

The Idaho TikToker’s receipt totaled $16.10.

“Ya’ll remember them stimulus checks they gave out? Thought you was getting away with that stimulus money huh?” he quipped. “They want it back.”

And furious TikTokers aren’t the only ones pressed about pricing. A viral Reddit thread asking, “what is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become?” shed light on consumer’s displeasure with fast food costs.

The chain’s “strategic” increase in item prices boosted their revenue, according to a recent report.
Getty Images

Redditors decried that the chain eateries have “gotten ridiculously expensive” as of late, with some users claiming that a McDonald’s meal would run customers as much as a sit-down establishment.

Gone are the days where hungry patrons could snag a hearty breakfast of two Egg McMuffins for $3, recalled one person, or when the dollar menu was packed with items available for just $1.

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