TV | Nicole Young claims Netflix cut her apology to Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset 



TV | Nicole Young claims Netflix cut her apology to Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset 


Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young have been feuding against each other for quite some time. Now, it turns out that Nicole actually extended an olive branch.

Loads of drama took place between Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young during Season 7 of Selling Sunset.

It’s almost as if there was no shot for these two real estate agents to strike up a friendship with each other from the jump.

Unfortunately, their drama started far before Selling Sunset’s camera crews entered the picture. These two had serious issues with each other off-camera beforehand. What exactly happened to Nicole’s apology during the Selling Sunset reunion, though?

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Was Nicole Young’s apology to Chrishell Stause cut by Netflix producers?

According to an Instagram Story Nicole shared online, the Netflix producers cut her apology from the reunion.

She said, “Just wanted to jump on here really quick because there’s something in the reunion that wasn’t shown in the final edit. I don’t know why. I don’t understand. I have no explanation, but during the reunion taping, I definitely did apologize to Chrishell Stause.”

She went on to specify that the entire cast was there to witness the apology. It wasn’t something she privately said in a one-on-one setting with Chrishell.

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Nicole continued, “For whatever reason they decided not to put it in the final edit. So you won’t see that unfortunately this evening but it definitely did happen. I just want to point that out because I think that’s an important piece to this whole puzzle moving forward.”

As of now, Netflix’s reason for cutting Nicole’s apology out of the reunion is a complete mystery. Is it possible that a true friendship could form between Chrishell and Nicole with this apology on the table?

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It’s obvious that Season 8 of Selling Sunset will further explore the dynamics between these real estate agents once it premieres.

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