Virtual reality | Peloton Surveying Some Members About Virtual Reality, Headsets, Gaming & more

Peloton Surveying Some Members About Virtual Reality, Headsets, Gaming & more


Virtual reality | Peloton Surveying Some Members About Virtual Reality, Headsets, Gaming & more


Peloton has distributed a survey to select members to gauge their interest in virtual reality, headsets, and gaming. The survey was sent via email, and gave members the opportunity to win a $75 gift card to Tango (an e-gift card company) for their participation. According to the email:

At Peloton, we’re always looking to hear from our Members so that we can continue to improve your experience. We’ve chosen you as one of a small set o fMembers to participate in a ~5 minute online survey about your Peloton experience. Upon completion of this survey, you will be entered into a drawing where three Peloton Members will be selected at random to receive a $75 (USD) Tango e-Gift Card. You can view the online catalog of e-Gift Cards here.

Peloton email to members with VR/gaming survey.Peloton email to members with VR/gaming survey.
Peloton email to members with VR/gaming survey.

The survey contained a number of questions designed to ascertain members’ interest in a number of different topics, such as:

  • Wearables to track progress (such as Fitbit and Apple Watch)
  • Playing app games while working out (Solitaire, Wordle, or Candy Crush while you cycle, walk, etc.)
  • Playing virtual reality games while working out (Beat Saber, Half-Life Alyx, Rec Room, Gorilla Tag, Supernatural, etc.)
  • Playing video, PC, or console games while working out (Xbox, PlaySation, Nintendo, etc.)
  • Workouts with quests/missions (such as Zombies, Run!, etc.)
  • Workouts that simulate real-life cycling/running/rowing races (such as Zwift)
  • Workouts that are like playing a video game (such as Shape up on Xbox, Quell, Lanebreak, Ergatta, etc.)
  • Workouts that involve digital “rewards”
  • Workouts that use virtual reality headsets

Members were able to select from the following options when indicating their interest levels in all of these different areas:

  • Not at all
  • A little
  • A moderate amount
  • A lot
  • A great deal
Peloton survey about VR/gaming.Peloton survey about VR/gaming.
Peloton survey about VR/gaming.

Note that as always, a survey does not mean that what Peloton is gathering information about will ever come to fruition. However, it does indicate that Peloton is attempting to garner feedback from their members about potential directions for new features.

Previous patents have hinted at the possibility of Peloton virtual reality in the future. A patent filed earlier this year related to the Row specifically mentioned games and virtual environments. This new survey indicates that Peloton is still interested in exploring these areas.

What are your thoughts on the potential expansion of Peloton into these new areas of virtual reality and gaming? Would you be interested in these new features?

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